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Project Homes

If you have been advised by your builder to select tiles for your new home at one of our showrooms, then this section applies to you.

We have included some frequently asked questions which advise you on what you need to do to prepare for your appointment, before you visit our showroom.

Selections can only be made by appointment, at our Castle Hill or Thornton Showrooms. Our other showrooms are purely retail outlets, and do not have your specific tile range on display. They also do not have the documentation supplied by your builder, so unfortunately selections cannot be made at locations other than Castle Hill or Thornton.


Choosing tiles with James Treble



How to prepare for your appointment

You will be advised by your builder to either call us to make an appointment, or your builder may book it in for you.  You will then need to visit either our Castle Hill or Newcastle showrooms to select your tiles with one of our experienced sales consultants

If you have chosen additional tiles above your allowance (eg higher tiling, additional tiled areas, or more expensive tiles etc) your consultant will request a quote from our estimator

Your quote will either be added to your contract by your builder, or the builder may request that you deal directly with us for any additional costs.

Once you have accepted your quotation, your selection is sent to our Head Office/Warehouse  for processing.

Your building supervisor will provide Head Office with approximately one week’s notice that your new home is ready to tile. Therefore it is essential that your selection is ready to be released for tiling at this stage.

You can make your selection for your builder at either our Castle Hill or Newcastle Showrooms. Our other showrooms do not have your tile selection on display therefore you will not be able to view or select tiles at these other locations

Once you have been advised by Di Lorenzo or your builder that you need to make your tile selection we recommend to come in and ask one of our sales consultants to show you your range. Your builder will advise whether you need to make an appointment or not.

We recommend that you visit us at least once before making or attending your appointment.

If you find that you are comfortable with choosing your options without an appointment, we are able to write up a selection for you once you have completed a Tile Checklist (which you will receive at your first visit).

You must bring your plans and your contract (specifically where it relates to your tiling inclusions). It also helps to bring in any colours you have selected for your vanities, kitchen cupboards, bench tops and paint colours.

They are for 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you visit our showroom at least once prior to an appointment then this time is sufficient to ensure you can complete your selection. If you are not able to visit the showroom prior to your appointment, then this time may or may not be sufficient, depending on your tiling requirements and the size of your home.

Prior to accepting your quote you can make 1 change to your original selection.  When you have accepted your quote, ie you sign the Acceptance Sheet or your deposit has been paid, unfortunately no changes can be made as your selection would have been entered into our system and the tiles are ordered with the relevant suppliers. Please ensure you are happy with your selection before signing off

If you intend to come in to the showroom to review your selection, please ensure that you call your consultant first, so they can ensure your paperwork has not been sent to our head office.  Changes can only be made to your selection if your consultant has your original selection

If you absolutely want to change your selection after acceptance, providing that the installation has not already commenced, then you will incur an administration fee, in addition to any handling fee charged by our suppliers for return of materials.

This only applies if your builder has asked you to deal with Di Lorenzo directly for any upgrades. You will need to pay a specified deposit once you have accepted your quote. Tiles will only be ordered once payment is made.  Contact your sales consultant to make the payment. Ensure you are completely satisfied with your tile selections as once the payment has been paid no changes can be made. 

The final payment is due before the commencement of tiling. Once your house has reached approximately the Lock Up stage, please contact Accounts Receivable at our Head office on 8602 1400 or accountsreceivable@dilorenzo.net.au to make the balance of payment.

Or you can make direct deposit into our account, Di Lorenzo Tiles Pty Ltd, BSB #012 233, A/C #8364 84703– please include the Quote Number or Order Confirmation number and your sales consultant’s name as the lodgement reference, and send an email advising the payment has been made.

If you don’t advise us of the payment, there is a risk that your payment will not be allocated to your order. 

It is in your best interest to be aware of the stage of construction and make your final payment at this time. It will ensure we have sufficient time to receive your tiles prior to commencement of tiling avoiding unnecessary delays.

In some cases, due to unforseen circumstances, tiles become unavailable or discontinued. Di Lorenzo apologises for any inconveniences and sometimes short notice. We generally get very little notice from our suppliers. We do our best to find you a very similar replacement.

Our estimating team endeavours to send quotes within 7 working days of making your selection. Your sales consultant in some instances may be able to give rough guidelines, however this is an estimate only and cannot be considered a final costing. All final prices can only be authorised by our estimator in writing through a quotation.

We are happy to provide a quote for additional tiling heights to be completed at the same time of tiling, enabling you to move into your new home with your bathrooms complete.

Alternatively you can purchase additional tiles however keep in mind that shade variation is an inherent factor in tile manufacturing and we can not guarantee the tiles your purchase seperately will be the same shade as those we have laid for you

Also consider the tiler will complete the bathroom at a certain height. He will not consider that you may be tiling higher at a later stage so this could mean your layout is compromised

Have you taken the time to see what your tiling heights are? We would encourage you to do so prior to visiting the showroom. Also it is worthwhile visiting the Display Homes to look specifically at the tiling heights and the difference that it makes to the bathroom.

Some things to consider when making the decision to tile higher: Practicality – it makes cleaning much easier, especially if you have children using the bathroom. You also don’t have the issue of having to repaint in the future.

Aesthetics – Not only can it make a small room appear larger, it will give the bathroom a sleek finish.

It is an easy way of adding value to your home without adding significant costs. Speak to your sales consultant about all the possibilities that are available.

There is an extensive range of beautiful tiles within all the standard builders’ ranges at Di Lorenzo Tiles.  However tiles are one of the finishes in your home that you are likely to see and use every day, so it is worthwhile choosing something that you will be happy with.  If you want to invest further in your tiles you may consider upgrading

Although there are fewer tiles to lay, larger tiles require additional time to lay perfectly.  Standard, smaller sizes are in fact easier and less time consuming to lay for many reasons.

A larger tile on the floor for example will need sand & cement screed as well as a flexible adhesive in order to achieve the appropriate adhesion required. It is also more difficult to obtain the required fall to the floor waste.

Large wall tiles require additional time to ensure the tiles are even, and additional adhesive is required to fix the tiles due to the weight.

In most cases the joints will not line up, even if you are choosing a wall and floor from the same range. There is no guarantee that they will line up even if they are the same size. Remember that once the bathroom is completed there will be fittings and items that will distract the eye from the joints and so it is not noticeable.

If you specifically require the wall and floor joints to line up, please discuss this with your sales consultant to ensure it will be possible with the selected tiles.

The standard grout used for walls is a smooth white, and for floors we use an off white sanded grout, which are both suitable for all colours and applications. In some instances however you may wish to choose a coloured grout to enhance the overall look of the bathroom. Our staff are happy to help you decide and can provide you with a quote should you wish to use a colour.

The Internal floor tiles are installed after the painter, electrician and other trades have completed their work. This will usually be 2-4 weeks prior to settlement, but will vary according to your builder’s schedule. The outdoor areas may be tiled in conjunction with the bathroom areas.

Di Lorenzo will always include tile wastage when measuring up your plans. Depending on the type of tile and how/where it is being laid, you may need to allow up to 20% of wastage. This does not mean that the goods are actually “wasted”, they are actually used for cuts etc. – as tile formats will hardly ever fit exact in a space.

If you are not planning on upgrading any of your areas this will not affect your pricing in anyway.

Our Operations Team is responsible for your tile installation process and they are based at the Head Office.

If you have any queries, you will need to contact our Operations Manager, who will then liaise with our tiling supervisor to resolve your query. Direct your query to joe@dilorenzo.net.au or 02 8602 1404.

Please ask your sales consultant to explain the different cleaning products available