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What's fun got to do with it!?

  • Friday, May 15, 2015
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We skim through magazines, Instagram and Pinterest, looking for the perfect kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. Some images are just ridiculously perfect – so drool worthy and luscious that it’s really hard for anyone to dispute its beauty.

Flip to the next page and something grabs your eye – a pop of colour, a perfect pattern, a texture to die for... and it’s STUNNING. But you couldn’t possibly do that in your own home, could you? I mean, won’t it DATE?!

But isn’t that what design is all about? Isn’t it not only an expression of one's self, but also to make us happy, to help us function daily and inspire?

I have been recently inspired by one particular collection from young Italian company 41 Zero 42, U-Colour.

U-colour offers amazing colours (surprise surprise!), with a classic form and an elegant finish… and BOY is it FUN!!!

They are available in any Pantone colour, but are also complimented beautifully by the Neutro colours – Biondo, Bruno, Neutro & Grigio. These neutrals beautifully soften the colours and enable the product to be used in pretty much any style bathroom or kitchen. I love that you can also be completely adventurous and outrages, or just add in a few bits for a sneaky fix of colour.

The size at 75x300 creates possibilities of patterns to suit any style or application, and I think this is what makes it so special.

I would be using this amazing product on my bathroom floor teamed with a satin white 300x600 wall tile to let the floor be the hero.

Sometimes when we speak to customers, we often hear the phrase “if I had the guts I would do that” or “if it didn’t date I would have that pattern all over my house”

At the end of the day, sometimes life can be serious and so grown up. Wouldn’t it be great if our environment where we lived evoked passion and such a sense of pleasure for all who live there? Would it matter so much if you needed to give a little makeover over in 10 years’ time? I mean... isn’t that refreshing? I hear someone shouting “But this all costs money! I’m not forgetting about cost... but over the span of years, even Italian designer tiles don’t really add up, and isn’t it worth it for all the joy it has given?