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Trend | Terrazzo

  • Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • Posted by Tina Di Lorenzo


The Terrazzo Trend has been growing for a number of years, however the range of porcelain Terrazzo tiles now available on the market has added to the popularity of this trend.  We love authentic terrazzo and the beauty of this unique material - the colours, finish and look of this material is nothing less than perfect.  The new porcelain versions on the market, ensure there is an option for those who love the look of terrazzo however prefer a product which does not require maintenance.  Here are some of our favourites:


ARTWORK: Our Artwork Collection is based around three shades of colour (Grey, Black & Neutral),  and is available in three different particle sizes (Micro-Basic-Macro). In addition to these colour schemes, there are 12 colourful, decorative variations with vitreous-inspired inserts


LE VENEZIANE: Inspired by Venetian terrazzo flooring that was historically used in prestigious Italian architecture, Le Veneziane is a collection of rich colours and graphics, suitable for any modern home.  The colours used in this collection are seen on floors in many cities around Italy


TERRAZZO: This collection, named Terrazzo, is available in a 250x250 size, and 3 base colours.  Ideal for those who are wanting a smaller tile, terrazzo is also available in a range of geographic decorative tiles.


RAVV: Ravv has a concrete feel to it, the chip pieces on the base colours are understated, and the colour palette is definitely inspired by the natural beauty of concrete.  Ravv is available in a micro chip or macro chip size, as well as a fun range of coloured decorative chips and patterns.


Brenta and Benaco are colourful terrazzo inspired bathroom tiles.  They have a terrazzo look base some with gorgeous patterns printed on top which will brighten up any space.

Terrazzo is a great choice of material for any modern interior, and works well alongside natural products such as timber, cement and stone.

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