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Five Fabulous Floor Tiles!

  • Friday, February 26, 2016
  • Posted by Tina Di Lorenzo


We are very spoilt for choice when it comes to floor tiles!  With so many options to choose from, we thought we would share with you, our best selling tiles, as well as advising you on what to consider when choosing a floor tile for you home.

Shape & Size -  Choosing the size of the tile is actually an important decision.  Larger format tiles are readily available, and using these will have some great benefits.  Not only do they look great, using these will ensure you have less grout joints to clean - a definite bonus!  In a large open plan area, a large tile will draw your attention to the tile slab and design of the tile.  You will see more tile than joints, which will enhance the look of you floor.  

Shape is also an important consideration.  The most popular trend is to use a rectangular shape in sizes 400x800, 600x1200 or even up to 800x1800 if your room size permits!  If you prefer a square shape, then look no further than an 800x800 size.

Our first Fab Floor tile is Stone Calacatta, which is seen here in an 800x800 polished finish. This tile is a digital replica of the real stone, and due to the advanced technology used when creating this tile, each piece varies considerably from piece to piece, giving you a very natural look.  Unlike the real stone, Stones Calacatta does not need to be sealed and will not stain, so maintaining this beautiful tile is very effortless!


Second on our list is a brand new Otto Collection!. Otto is a full body porcelain tile, easy to keep clean, and inspired by a particular stone found in the nordic region.  

This particular stone is characterised by random shading and grain variation, and this too is evident in the Otto Collection. Otto is available in a smooth, natural finish, as well as a textured linear grain, or a hammered textured finish. Available in large format 1200x1200, and smaller sizes, 600x600, 300x600 and 600x1200.  Keeping your floor tiles light and neutral will allow you to add colour with your furnishings


Our third favourite tile is our Wooden decor parquetry tile.  This tile is 800x800 in size and is available in a range of colours.  Perfect if you would like a maintenance free, timber parquetry look.  The print on this tile is digital, with each tile outlining the individual pieces of timber. It's colour palette consists of beautiful oaks and warm walnuts.  This tile works well in a large area.


Next on our list at number four is our Industrial Collection .  This range is modern and simplistic, however it is available in a huge range of sizes and finishes which is ideal if you would like to use different sizes throughout your home.  You could use the smaller 300x600 format in your bathrooms, then continue with a large format in your living areas.  It also comes with an outdoor paver, just to complete the look! The finishes are also beautiful.


Finally our number 5 choice is our new Dust Collection!

Dust is a beautiful concrete effect collection which reflects the beautiful colours of our earth. Available in two finishes, honed and semi polished and also with a rectified edge, and also a vintage look which has been cut to replicate irregular stone pieces.  Dust has recently been our most popular selling tile.



These collections are just a handful of what we have available!  Not only is size, finish and colour important, but a good quality tile will ensure your floors will look fabulous for longer.  Tiles which are made with only the best material, will survive the day to day wear and tear. Our products are made using the best raw materials, the best glazes and the finest technology, so keep this in mind when making an investment in tiles.